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Hey guys, as its high quality and excent sound performance, right now our T15 hifi turntable now is standing at the top 10 hot selling items in Japanese high end audio.

You could take your time to check the following test report what they said, i am sorry there was no English version. Why not ask your friend or website for help if you want to read it carefully?

T20 high end turntable has the 3rd generation height adjustable tone arm, frosted acrylic platter, highly polished black piano lacquer bases, spiked supporting feet, and dual tone arms is an option.They are protected by EPE(Expand aple poly ephylene), and the inner brown box to load the tone arm. All the related accessories will be included to play the record except cartridge, as different customers need different brand ones, its hard to offer as a standard one. Well, pls do not worry about this, as its easy to install an Orttofon MM or Benz MC cartridge if you are not sure which is suitable at the first time to use.

Why not choose T20 hifi turntable if you are an audiophile? What are you waiting for? There will be extra gift if to buy at the Christmas season. Cheers!

Pls check the details of the report as follows:

mj magazine 1.jpg

mj magazine 2.jpg

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